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4 days left of Movember...

'Well less than a week to go and here's the fruits of my labour thus far! I'm expecting it to be looking great come Movember 30th so please keep those donations of any amount coming in. You have raised £350.00 to date which is fantastic.

I mentioned yesterday that I had recently received the results of my own Prostrate blood tests, mine were all clear which is great news but for some guys out there the news may not be so positive. By donating even £1.00 you will be helping research into a disease which kills one man every 90 minutes.

I know times are very hard at present, that's why I'm keeping all expectations low but dreaming all the same for an amazing final amount so please lets push hard and achieve that £500.00 milestone. Who knows we may even see a Karate Gi wearing Pirate on the 30th Movember as a result! AAAARRRRH! Now that would be a site to behold!



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