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Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho?

In the latest issue of Business Time In Essex Magazine, Priority's Tony White explores management styles...

Which one of the two would you most associate with? Both are very successful, motivational managers both of whom court controversy yet will split opinions within the sporting and business worlds.

If we look at our own business careers, past and present, we will all of course come across someone we will automatically pigeonhole due to their ability to manage under pressure, adapt to change, think on their feet or not and yet still come out looking in control and having praise heaped upon them. Are they as good as we all think they are, how hard have they had to work to achieve the apparent success we all feel just arrives at their feet or is it the team around them that makes them look so good?

I pose the question could a good man manager with very little football knowledge go into Manchester City and achieve the same level of success with the current group of players at Peps disposal? How much of their success is due to Pep and his back room staff?

Sean Dyche at Burnley, a far less glamorous club and manager but look how hard he works and so does his team for him, when they come up against the so-called ‘big teams’ do they crumble and give in, No they deliver above and beyond expectations. Dyche holds his own against both Guardiola and Mourinho and yet would he be offered the top job with City, Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Styles of management differ across sporting teams, companies and industries yet all can be transferable when mixed with industry-specific skills and knowledge. In answer to my earlier question wouldn’t it be interesting to discover if we could job share with a Guardiola or Klopp and they in-turn spent time in the commercial world, to be honest, I personally feel any top sports managers, male or female, whatever their area of expertise would replicate their success in any industry.

So why all the analogies at this time and in this magazine with football/sporting management. Well with the long-awaited reductions in covid restrictions looming and more businesses reopening and more people swapping the home office for the office, all of us in management and as business owners we will be adapting, coaching, encouraging and rebuilding our teams. We will all have staff wanting to return, those concerned about returning, those who previously were flying high hitting all their targets but now may be subdued, this whole experience has hit every one of us and continues to impact us all even though hopefully the end is in sight.

So, just like Pep and co who have had to encourage their highly motivated stars who thrive on playing to the crowds to perform in empty stadiums but with the world watching their every move, we need to more than ever have to motivate, encourage and support our staff to deliver the services we all provide.

So, which one are you? Pep, Mourinho, Dyche? Most importantly just be yourself!


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