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We provide retail cleaning services throughout Essex, London and the South East. Our friendly team of cleaning professionals are here to help with all of your retail cleaning requirements.


Our morning, evening and daytime cleaning programs available are tailored to meet your requirements. 

Day time cleaning ensures spillage controls are addressed , crucial in this day and age, one well known supermarket chain sets aside over £500,000 per annum for slips trips and falls within their operation. Action times are crucial from when a spillage is reported to being effectively cleaned up.

Your own staff can address this, however most times these ‘avoidable’ accidents occur during the busiest times when your staff are needed on the tills or elsewhere within the store. We can safe guard your customers and staff.

Safe effective cleaning products and equipment are used throughout our retail sector, all staff are fully trained to BICSc and all are uniformed.


  • Morning/Evening cleaning

  • Day time cleaning/spillage control

  • Dekit cleaning

  • Front of house and back of house cleaning programs

  • Carpark cleaning and snow clearance

  • High level out of hours cleaning is also available, utilising our IPAF accredited staff.

Our carpark cleaning and snow clearance includes monitoring the Met Office winter reports, we ensure your car parks are free of ice and safe for your customers.



We are the chosen commercial cleaning company for a number of retail cleaning contracts throughout Essex, London and the South East. Get in touch with us to find out how we can provide and tailor our retail cleaning services to suit your requirements.

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