We provide specialist deep cleaning services throughout Essex, London and the South East to help businesses return to the workplace as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Keep your staff and customers safe, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.



• All surface touchpoint sanitisation

• All areas fogging sanitisation

• Steam cleaning sanitisation

• Carpets and soft furnishing sanitisation

• All tailored to suit your needs for total peace of mind


This is a great question, what is a deep clean and how do you know if your office or workplace is safe for you and your staff to return.

As businesses throughout Essex and the rest of the country reopen for business most if not all would have assessed the risks of bringing their staff back into the workplace, social distancing formats, realigning and moving desks to meet the new regulations, installing desktop partitions and sanitizing dispensers, reviewing staggered work times etc. all of which are now part of the new norm and designed to give your employee’s peace of mind that their welfare is being taken into account.

In addition to the above, we find the words deep clean being spoken within planning meetings but how many of us really understand the meaning of these words and the positive impact a well planned and executed deep clean can have on staff morale and quite the opposite if miss managed and ill-executed. To be perfectly honest if you have a robust and well-managed cleaning regime in place you will only need to make minor adjustments to ensure you are heading in the right direction to maintaining a safe working environment.


If you are thinking of returning to the workplace or are already open take the time to speak to your cleaning provider, establish and agree on a program of cleaning to suit your building and requirements taking into account the potential to recommence on a reduced cleaning frequency until your own workforce returns to its full staffing capacity. Your cleaning provider will be pleased to discuss the program with you and tailor their service to suit your needs albeit until things pick up again but at least you have your cleaning regime back in place.

Things to consider when you have that discussion with your supplier, touchpoint cleaning focusing on light switches, door handles, stair rails and similar. High profile day time cleaning of these frequently ‘touched’ surfaces delivered by an operative being seen to wipe surfaces with a medical sanitizer and distinctive coloured cloth (we use yellow) immediately instils security to those witnessing the service first hand. Subconsciously they will find themselves telling their colleagues or family members how their company is taking the situation seriously by taking such measures not seen within their workplace before.

By implementing ‘touchpoint’ cleaning you are highlighting your intention and commitment to maintaining a clean and safe working environment, by introducing a deep cleaning strategy you are moving to the next level and again this is where your cleaning provider will be very happy to support and guide you. Deep Cleaning would ideally be carried out prior to your return (or periodically over the coming months) to work however in essence as all businesses are different what suits your business wouldn’t suit another so don’t worry if already operating, talk to your provider or in-house team agree on what you want cleaned and the method to be used, utilize checklists and monitor the work. If in any doubt I'll always be very happy to offer guidance, via email, over the phone, zoom or by good old (new) fashioned mask to mask meeting!

So What is a Deep Clean? In essence, It’s what constitutes to yours and your staff’s peace of mind, safety and security!

NEW HANDS-FREE Sanitiser Stations - available to buy

Ensure you have everything in place to provide a safe and clean environment for staff and visitors to your premises.

Comac, one of our major suppliers, has developed a stand-alone hand sanitiser dispenser. The hand sanitiser column is very stable and is perfect to be placed in areas of high traffic such as hotel lobbies, office or surgery receptions, shopping centres, schools & colleges, hospitals, care homes, sports and events stadia and leisure centres.

The sanitising gel is dispensed HANDS-FREE, the gel being released by placing your hand underneath and activating a sensor that dispenses a pre-set quantity of gel into the palm of your hand, avoiding excess and mess. However, a drip tray is incorporated into the design.

The product is made from painted steel, all parts are sanitisable, and the dispenser is refillable*.

The price point for these dispensers is available upon application with reductions available for orders of more than three units.

Units will be available for delivery in June and beyond.

*Please note sanitiser would need to be purchased separately, refilling can then be included within your scheduled cleaning duties.




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